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The History of Maltene Replacement Technology

In 1959, Dr. Fritz Rostler, with his associate Richard M. White, isolated and tested the chemical reactivity of asphalt’s two major components, asphaltenes and maltenes, in an effort to identify what combination of these two molecular structures would most likely produce resilient thermoplastic performance. Thus, genuine asphalt rejuvenation in the form of maltene-replacement technology was born, at least in theory. It was the Witco Corporation, the original manufacturer of today’s Reclamite asphalt rejuvenator that undertook the research necessary to identify the most effective method for feeding maltene-rich chemistry to new and ageing pavements. For nearly 50 years, Reclamite Maltene-Replacement Technology (MRT) has been used on asphalt roadways across America. True rejuvenators, which return molecularly exact depleted chemicals into the asphalt matrix, extend roadway life. The initial treatment immediately restores those maltenes lost during the high temperatures used during asphalt mixing. The subsequent retreatments restore those maltenes depleted during exposure to sunlight and weather. The goal is achieving a multi-decade service life before pavement rebuild is required. Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT) is both lab-tested and field-proven to extend the life of asphalt pavements.

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