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Maltene Replacement 

Our Only Business is Pavement Preservation 

We treat the cause of poor asphalt,
not the symptom

Reclamite® is a petroleum maltene rejuvenator, that has been successfully used for more than 50 years. It is formulated to prolong the life of asphalt pavement by restoring and preserving plasticity and durability in the asphalt binder. Reclamite® Asphalt Rejuvenator is a cationic petroleum emulsion manufactured from a single source naphthenic crude stock. Naphthenic crude has excellent natural solvency allowing it to penetrate, co-mingle and flux with the existing asphalt binders. The result is that Reclamite® penetrates approximately 1/4"- 1/2” into the pavement, restoring the asphaltene/maltene balance. This process is know as Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT). Maltene’s are the light oil fractions of the asphalt binder that provide the sticky, flexible characteristics, and asphaltene’s are the solids that give asphalt its color and appearance. By restoring the asphaltene/ maltene ratio, we are able to reduce the viscosity and increase the penetration values of the original asphalt binder. In most cases, the properties of the rejuvenated asphalt is improved over the original because of the quality of the added components.

Maltene Replacement Technology is different than other asphalt maintenance products in that it treats the cause of asphalt aging, not the symptom. When asphalt loses its crucial light maltene fractions, it becomes dry and brittle. Once this happens, the asphalt will quickly begin to show signs of wear i.e. cracking, pitting, and raveling. Some agencies will attempt to mitigate these problems using a traditional seal coat approach. This is an example of treating the symptom. These surface sealers do nothing to address the underline cause of asphalt aging. Reclamite® however, using Maltene Replacement Technology, replenishes those crucial maltene fractions, and prevents any further degradation for approximately 5-7 years.

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When I started RejuvTec in Indianapolis, IN, we did not have terms such as pavement preservation. We had ASPHALT MAINTENANCE, but it WAS ONLY REACTIVE maintenance. Pavement PRESERVATION and SUSTAINABILITY were not terms regularly used. We were managing our roads on an AS NEEDED BASIS, stuck in a cycle of pave and repave. Managing our road networks was NEVER SUSTAINABLE.


In the past, TAX DOLLARS stretched further than they do now, but NEVER STRETCHED FAR ENOUGH. It was then I noticed AN OPPORTUNITY. An opportunity to provide a COST EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE to the pave, repave cycle that would make EFFECTIVE USE OF TAX PAYER DOLLARS.


25 YEARS LATER, and the growth of PAVEMENT PRESERVATION has EXCEEDED my EXPECTATIONS. REJUVTEC and our CUSTOMERS,  are now ahead of the curve, and preserving Indiana roads better, and more affordably.


Rex Hedges, President CEO


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